Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hannibal Reflection

  1. On this field trip, we went to Hannibal Missouri to learn about Mark Twain and his lifestyle. We toured his childhood home, a museum about him and a boat to learn about islands that Tom Sawyer was on. We also saw caves that Mark Twain wrote about. I really liked this field trip and it would be so fun to come back with family.
  2. If I did not learn about Mark Twain before coming to Hannibal I would have no idea what I was learning about. It helped me realize what I was walking through and what I was working with. At first, I was not excited about this but it was so much fun and I am glad we did it and learned about him.
  3. One thing I learned on the riverboat was about Lovers Leap. How the boy and the girl were falling in love and he said something that she did not like and then she fell off the cliff and died. Now it has an American flag on the top of the cliff. I also learned about numerous floods that happened on the river and about Islands that Mark wrote about. I could easily see how Tom would want to go over to the islands and play with his friends.
  4. Things that I learned at the Boyhood Home and Museum were that the people of Hannibal were going to make a statue of Mark Twain and such but they could not raise the one million dollars to do it. I also learned that in Huck Finn's house there were 10 people that lived in his house. Also the mattresses were made out of rope. That is crazy!
  5. I learned lots of things from Nathan, but 2 of them were that the tightest part of the cave is called the lemon squeeze and it is 17 inches wide. Another thing was when Tom and Becky were exploring the cave they did not have any light and he demonstrated that. That part was kind of scary and it's crazy that is where they were! It is really cool that so many people now get to see and walk in something that people in the 1800's discovered. The caves were so cool to see and I would definitely go back through them again.
  6. My favorite part of the trip was the caves because it was fun to see where Mark got all of his ideas! It was also just fun to walk around and see all of these cool natural things. I liked hearing all of his stories too.
  7. The most fun part for me was the caves and also getting ice cream with all of my friends was really fun! I also really enjoyed going up to the lighthouse. These were all fun because we got to spend time with our friends while learning.
  8.  If I would improve one thing about the trip it would be we would all sit together on the boat and share what we learned just we could really get the most out of the experience.

Monday, April 9, 2018

History Day Reflection

1.Our topic was the Peace Wall of Belfast and we made a website that was titled Peace Wall of Belfast; How This Compromise Amplified Conflict. We used many sources to pull this off. I had a lot of fun during this project.
2.Yes I agree with them because I didn't think about having a timeline in our website. We also never thought about the answer of the question about how walls are in our future.
3.I could improve as a learner by making sure we have lots of facts and really knowing everything about our topic.
4.The most interesting thing that I learned was how many problems Northern Ireland went through and how they still are. How the Protestants and Catholics treat each other. That was really interesting to hear and scary.
5.The hardest part of this project was making the website different and telling a story about how the Catholics and the Protestants have had growth and setbacks throughout their county. Also the Noodletools and citing every source we used was hard.
6. I have definitely learned so much from this project. I also learned that not everything has to be perfect the still be good. I love this hard project.
7.We could improve by proof reading every page and also make it more organized while we make it. Also make sure to publish everything.
8.I'm the most proud of this because in the beginning I thought this was going to be easy. It was not, it challenged me to where I thought it would never get done. In the end i'm really happy with how it turned out and I wish we could've fixed those little mistakes.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

One Word

I chose the word improve. I chose this word because I want to improve this year. I am trying new things and I want to get better in all the things I do. I want to work really hard on everything I do too. Trying new things is something I really want to do and I want to get better at everything I try. I really think it will be great to remember this word throughout this year! I'm really going to try to improve in 2018!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State Field Trip

 My first class was Biotechnology. I learned that we share 99.9 % of DNA with everyone but the 0.1% that's different makes us look different. Also that we share 90% of our DNA with a mouse. We extracted DNA from a banana and then got to take it out and look at it. We mixed shampoo, salt and water and put the banana into that. We filtered it, and the substance at the bottom we put into alcohol and we saw the DNA! I loved this class. My second class was Stand By your Quote - Exploring Leadership. In that class we stood by the quote on the wall that we liked the most, and we met the people who also stood with our quote and liked it the most. After that we went and wrote what that quote meant to us and some characteristics of leadership. I learned that some people think of leaders having different things and some things are more important to some people than others. I think I learned the most in my first class. I love science and I learned a lot about what DNA is and how much we have of it! I loved that class! One thing I learned about Iowa State is that it is very safe and I really liked that about the school. I also learned that they have 3 million books in their library with 120 computer labs across campus. I had the most fun on the tour because I liked learning about where the students go and learning more about the school! If I could change one thing I would have bigger groups so we could make more friends. One thing I got away from this experience is that the people at Iowa State are very nice and they care about you. I loved this field trip and I would do it again!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent project

 My topic is Parkinson's disease. I chose this topic because my grandpa died from Parkinson's disease last summer and I wanted to know more about it. One of the most amazing facts I learned was how many symptoms Parkinson's disease has! I had a whole index card full of symptoms! Another thing is that the physician that discovered it, his last name was Parkinson! One thing that I want to know more about are the stages of Parkinson's! How the people who have Parkinson's progress and how it gets harder for them. I'm proud that now I know more about what my grandpa went through and how everything that I saw on him, were symptoms that I read about.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA publishing 1st quarter

My 1st DWA is for 9/8/17
                                           I think that talk less, say more means that we should talk less, and be more expressive with our speaking and what we say. Saying something is different than talking. When you are talking, you're saying whatever you are saying just to get the point across, and you aren't putting any feeling or meaning into it. When you are saying something, you're putting expression and acting wise, while when you are talking, you're just talking to get your point across. That's what I think the difference between talking and speaking is.

My 2nd DWA is for 9/11/17
                                               I think people our age should not be able to vote, because a lot of people our age are not educated on what politics are, or what the real world is like. If we wait until we are 18 we can enjoy college, and we could have time to change our minds about how we think our country should be run. If we let younger people vote, I feel like they would not be educated, and they would not even know how our government works. We wouldn't understand how they count the votes either. That's why I think younger people should not vote.

Hannibal Reflection

  1. On this field trip, we went to Hannibal Missouri to learn about Mark Twain and his lifestyle. We toured his childhood home, a museum ab...